Shelby and Myra


You would never believe it by looking at these two lovely ladies, but when their baby boys arrive they will have 8 kids between them!  These two besties from the Bay Area, Shelby (left) and Myra (right) keep close ties in a long distance friendship from Kauai to Salt Lake City, with a few of us lucky girls in the middle!

Earlier this year,  after hearing the news that Myra would be having baby #3, I was selfishly giddy over planning a maternity shoot. I was so excited for her and husband, Troy, as they had recently moved back to Salt Lake after an epiphany that LA wasn’t where they wanted to call home. With Myra finding new talents at Windermere Real Estate and Troy continuing his passion for the fine food industry at Creminelli, a new baby is icing on the cake for all of their exciting life changes as well as a welcome addition for their daughter, Tallulah, and son, Harper.

A few months after Myra's news, with an ultrasound picture as proof, Shelby announced that she too was pregnant with baby #5. Living in Kauai with her husband, Kelsey, and children, Pheonix, Cruz, Dayton, and Breezy, they are proof that it doesn't take a village...they are the village! As a working mom, Shelby defines multitasking.  When she’s not killing it at work for Starwood Hotels, she is running any one of her children to hula, pageants, motocross, surfing, modeling, and growing organic “non GMO” ;) vegetables in her backyard with her husband – that is if he’s not out on his boat, lovingly named the Shelby Dawn, catching Jurassic sized yellow fin tuna! Though I was excited for another baby for the Longley family, I was a bit bummed that I would not be able to photograph her. The likelihood of her being able to make another trip to California by the time she was showing was slim.

About a month ago, Myra and her family decided to take a baby-moon to sunny So Cal. Taking full advantage of the situation I had prepared a number of composite ideas. The day before our shoot, with a house full of the Petersen gang, my doorbell rang. Still lounging around the house in our pajamas, I answered the door to find  a pregnant Shelby on my porch with a box of doughnuts! Knowing that Myra was in town for a visit, no doubt in a fit of pregnant hormones, she literally jumped on a last minute red eye flight after her gender reveal party, to come out and spend a few days together. Now that is love!

With my original plans for Myra’s maternity shoot out the window, I quickly reworked an idea to incorporate both of them. I absolutely love the symmetry and symbolism in this portrait. I am very proud to bring you the making of, and even more excited for my 2 new nephews this year!