Piper Elyse, age 3, the OG and inspiration behind the portrait composites I have been working on this year. When Piper was born, I started a personal blog for her and made a promise to myself (as many do) to write once a month and give an updates on all the new and exciting steps she was making. Somewhere around 10 months, with business picking up, I stopped all together until after her first birthday when I finally decided to stop beating myself up for all the things I can't keep up with! Anyhow, in lieu of a monthly update, and a thousand pictures from the year gone by, I decided on something MUCH cooler...an annual portrait of a theme that was big during the year.

Instead of a typical baby book, I will give her a beautiful portfolio when she's older of every year we have together...and maybe I won't stop when she's 18 either! She'll never get rid of me... (insert evil laugh) bwa ha ha ha.

This year we made it through the "terrible two's", but not without a 10 week boot camp on time-outs. In this course we learned a valuable lesson about children...that instead of trying to control them, you control the things they want. I recommend the advice of Dr. Morgan, and it actually taught us a lot about how her little brain operates,  instead of stressing out and wanting to resort to (gasp) spanking.

We had a rough patch of a few weeks of Piper testing our limits, and in 20 time outs a day, but low and behold, she has turned a corner and actually listens ... sometimes! My husband has started his own little photo project of Piper in time out which I expect will only be of interest to her gawking parents, but I have to say it's hilarious!

Though this portrait may seem a little dark for a "birthday portrait", I couldn't help but appreciate the humor in the typical toddler struggle. Sometimes in her timeouts we catch her singing to herself, or making up stories...just proving that you can't box in the imagination of a child.