I am so excited to wrap a series of portraits that are near and dear to me. Miss Adelyn Taylor Cole just celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago. She is the daughter of our friends, Tamsin and Thomas, who live in Long Beach, CA. Fit, healthy parents, Tamsin is a fitness coach who can be found running a boot camp in Huntington Beach on Saturday mornings, while Thomas is busy running the real estate game as VP of a real estate investment/development company in The LBC.  I am continually impressed with the home cooked baby food prepped out of their kitchen, including quinoa-veggie patties with garbanzo beans...this kid is on some power brain food and bound to succeed!

I had the pleasure to photograph a maternity portrait for mom just a year prior...

Needless to say,  Addy's portrait was such an awesome opportunity to follow up.

With this shoot, I wanted to capture her inquisitive, soft nature. I know she is only a year old, but seems to have a gentleness about her- no doubt a hand-me-down from mom and dad.

I hope you enjoy the making of!