Meet Jonas. Now, let me begin with a mom of a girl I have been shopping for kids clothes once or twice, and used to think I was so lucky to shop for a girl because there are 3 times as many clothes!  Little Jonas arrived almost 2 years ago to prove us all wrong with his SWAG. With these portraits I've been working on I am always looking to capture something about personality, interests, or in J's case, his impeccable style! Thanks to mom and dad, Jaime and Eric, this little man is always dressed to the nines and inspiring some creative #hashtag with his outfit! ha ha  I think mom should be a baby stylist, what do you think?

Lately I have been experimenting with some different elements for composites, and absolutely love how the clouds add so much fun to this toddler backdrop. I feel a new creative challenge coming on with 3D elements!

Thank you for the great shoot Mr. 'kick... and push... and coast!'