I connected with a friend-of-a-friend a month ago regarding a special gift she wanted to make for her husband on Father's Day. Trisha Daza-Luu, a Culver City resident who practices law in Los Angeles, wanted a custom portrait of her sweet son, Liam, which incorporated elements of her husband's passions.  I love that with these portraits I am able to collaborate with the client and let them be a part of the creative process. I couldn't wait to get started. I felt an energy about this project, almost like a school assignment...which is actually fun at age 35.

With an inquisitive email trying to gather some crucial information,  I had the opportunity to construct a story based on a small bio. She wrote that Liam was the light of their lives, first and foremost!  Billy, her husband, is Vietnamese-American and loves to cook and travel - his favorite trip to Vietnam of course.  Billy also has a passion for skateboarding which was incorporated into a private version of Liam's portrait.

Trisha sent me a list of cities in Vietnam of places he loved: Halong Bay, Hanoi, and Hoi An. I searched for the  perfect elements to include in Liam's portrait, looking for a story that Billy could relate to. Ultimately I fell in  love with the coastal mountains in Halong Bay. I loved the idea of a water market feel to help incorporate Billy's love for cooking and food.

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, when Dad was out and about, Trisha and Liam snuck down to Orange County from LA. Arriving just after nap, (prime time as you well know if you have a toddler)  Liam was an absolute pro in front of the camera.

After much research on the beautiful sights in Vietnam, this trip has been upgraded a few notches on my bucket list! I am very grateful to my neighbor, Jaime, for connecting us, and Trisha for giving me this opportunity to grow in this obsession of mine.